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" I am loving it!" Elliot W. - age 59, Northumbria 

"Despite the age of the internet/social media, I was pleasantly surprised by how many people I met on the doorstep were willing to deal with me on a personal basis. Even as strangers, many human beings actually enjoy talking to each other and this is still a great way of communicating the message about the importance of wildlife conservation" Sophia - age 23, Glasgow

 "Whilst earning money on a “commission only” basis seemed a bit dubious at first, for me it has proved to be a very beneficial way to work.The income, although not always entirely predictable, is better than many other,much less worthwhile part time jobs I’ve come across. "  Jake - age 39, Dundee

"I like the fact that I don't have to work to meet a specific target. I like the flexibility that self employment gives.  If I don't feel like going out to work one day, then I can easily catch up the following day or two. I like NOT having a boss breathing down my neck the whole time" Adrian F.- age 52, Norfolk

"The style of the soft approach has much to commend it.  

The work has been enjoyable for the most part and is certainly well remunerated. 

Jeremy Leathart has been a most supportive and humane boss."

Richard C. - age 28, Newcastle upon Tyne 

"It still amazes me that there are so many people out there who do have a interest in protecting their local wildlife and wild places, but who are still not aware of the fantastic work done by their local Wildlife Trust. It's also very gratifying, that by simply leaving a little information booklet about the Trust, that some of these people will end up making a regular contribution" Richard N.- age 51, Leeds

"As a retired local government officer,I never imagined myself being paid to work for a good cause– especially going from door to door, meeting people on their doorsteps,but the way I was trained to do it makes it easy, enjoyable and financially rewarding." Robert - age 66, Aberdeen

“Initially, I was very wary of doing this work, as “door knocking” has such a bad reputation. But as soon as people realise that I am not  trying to guilt trip them on the doorstep into contributing, they are polite and friendly, even if they are not interested in the cause.” Cynthia - age 27, Edinburgh

"This unusual job combines outdoor exercise, job satisfaction, and reasonable earnings for a worthwhile cause" Alan V.- age 60, W. Yorks

“Frankly, I didn't really enjoy the work.There’s a lot of walking involved, and I was discouraged that so few people seem interested in protecting our wildlife. Despite this, I did eventually manage to find enough concerned people who wanted to become donors to the charity to make the job financially worthwhile. It really helps to do the job, if you are motivated primarily by a strong interest in what the charity is trying to achieve” Tracy - age 34, Glasgow

"I like the fact that I don't have to"sell" the Trust in order to get good results." Joanne - age 21, Bradford

"It's good knowing that every year we have found hundreds of new members for the Scottish Wildlife Trust, helping wildlife protection in Scotland. That's some achievement!" Janet F. - age 63, Edinburgh

“Finding myself between jobs and struggling to find any interesting work, I spent 7 weeks working on behalf of the Scottish Wildlife Trust during the winter of 2018/2019. My given area was Edinburgh EH10 – a leafy, relatively prosperous area with a mixture of privately owned stone-built houses, mostly pre war + some newer “estate” type houses. The population was a mixture of professional people/families aged 40+, plus quite a few professional retirees. I worked most weekdays for 3 hours between 3.30 and 6.30pm (winter hours), with approx. 1.5 hours spent doing 1st Calls and approx. another 1.5 hours doing 2nd Calls- collecting the booklets and retrying those houses that gave no reply during the previous day’s 1st Calls. On average, during each of these 3 -hour sessions, I called on 80 houses and found 8 people who wished to consider supporting the Trust. On 2nd Calls, I chased up all the booklets from the previous day(s) and on average found 1 person who wanted to support the Trust by giving on average  £6 a month by Direct Debit with Gift Aid. Overall, 13.5% of the booklets that went out to “prospects” during 1st Calls were converted to a Direct Debit. Overall, in a 7 week period, I did 111 hours and found 29 people willing to give by Direct Debit.   I also had quite a few cheque donations"...……continued in R/H column

continued from L/H Column........................."This was extremely gratifying and all I did was to follow the Soft Approach instructions.  I didn't have to persuade people to support the Trust or have to deal with any tricky questions – the booklet did all the talking for me! In total, over the 7 week period, I earned £1740.35 in commission – giving an equivalent hourly rate of £15.67 per hour - not too bad for a part-time job - and I got  some much needed exercise, and had a bit of fun exploring part of Edinburgh I knew nothing about.  There was a lot of walking involved(as predicted), even though I used my car to chase up some of the booklets. However, I did encounter quite a bit of negativity/indifference to wildlife conservation, but luckily no one was rude or hostile. It also quickly became apparent that the end result is very unpredictable. I went for several days with no "sign-ups", and then got three in one day. Overall, I really believe that the ”Soft Approach” method works.” Paul age 57 - former Retail Manager and wildlife/outdoors enthusiast.

"It gives me time to do other things during the day" John - age 22, Swaffham

"I like not having a boss on a day to day basis, and no work/office politics" Simone - age 31, Hebden Bridge

 "It's creative and spontaneous. No two sessions are the same. However, sometimes it can feel like very hard work for not much reward"  Peter - age 64, E. Yorks

"It was good to learn how to present myself in a clear, coherent and confident manner" Robin - age 26, Perth

"It's always interesting to talk to loads of different people and meeting extremes of character." Malcolm - age 54, Thirsk

"I whole-heartedly approve of the charity I promote and so feel good about how I earn money." David G - age 64, Harrogate


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