EARNINGS:  We offer 2 different payment schemes.


1.  WAGED/PART-TIME TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE (during March-October only)

Average £659.00 per month. 
Initially, during a 2-week Trial Period, you work around 16 hours per week  Monday - Friday evenings, paid at £8.45 per hour, leading to typical average earnings (including bonuses) of £9.50 per hour.  Additional and more flexible hours can be negotiated after successful completion of the 2-week Trial Period.



Around £845-£1400* per month  ( you could earn on average £65.00 per direct debit transaction)  - on a freelance, commission only/self-employed basis. There are no targets to meet, and you have complete flexibility regarding the hours/the days you work. *based on working around 16 hours a week/with 3-5 sign ups per week. There's a  paid 2-week trial period.

We have designed the earnings “package” around the idea that most of the people undertaking this opportunity are likely to be motivated by one or more of the following:

  • The requirement to develop another source of income to supplement income from other part-time jobs or savings/pension. 

  • A strong desire to promote the charity’s cause and the personal satisfaction to be gained from this.

  • The need to gain experience of “public engagement” and/or fundraising to be able to begin or progress a career in the Conservation or other charity sectors.

  • The ambition to do something worthwhile or to put “something back into society”.

This is not a “get rich quick” scheme, and earnings will likely not be reliable enough to be satisfactory as a SOLE source of income.  

If you are claiming benefits, please think at least twice before applying.
DWP rules are very rarely flexible enough to accommodate the kind of work/earnings package which we are able to offer. 


A 2-week Trial Period, paid at £8.45 per hour, as you are learning how to do the job, will reveal to you and us whether you have the “special talent” to make a real success of it. People who possess the “special talent” are unlikely to be aware of it, until they try. People who possess the “special talent” may earn significantly more than the averages quoted above.

Even with the "special talent", good results will only come with hard and consistent work. There are no short cuts. You'll need to do a lot of walking and knock on a lot of doors.

This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. You are undertaking this opportunity primarily because you love wildlife, and you love the idea of helping the charity find new supporters to help protect the wildlife you love.

You are also looking for an unconventional opportunity, which combines reasonable part time earnings with outdoor exercise, and an opportunity to meet some people who may share your interest in and enthusiasm for wildlife conservation.

If doing the job on a COMMISSION ONLY/FREELANCE basis, you’ll appreciate the flexibility that self-employment gives:

  • you can set your own hours
  • you can take time off whenever you want
  • you can organise your work around your other activities / commitments
  • you won’t have any of the “workplace politics” which blight so many people’s working lives.


For the purposes of this job only, you will need to register with HMRC for self-assessment and you will be responsible for your own tax and NI contributions, which may be due on income derived from this job. There will be no problem with combining this self-employed job with another full or part-time job which is paid on PAYE.

Commission is paid monthly in arrears and may be subject to a small “clawback” in the rare event of donors cancelling their contributions within the first year. Typically, this will amount to no more than 5% of the gross commission paid to you. The rate of "Donor Retention" using this Soft Approach method is exceptionally high!

You can, if you wish, engage assistants to help you recruit more members/earn more commission.
More details on earnings available on request.