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Welcome to FMR Solutions

Welcome to FMR Solutions 
We provide a Fundraising and Membership Recruitment service to the UK Wildlife Trusts conservation charities, using the well-established and successful Soft Approach method.

To apply for a part-time Local Fundraiser job starting as soon as COVID-19 social distancing regulations are relaxed, please use this secure link:

To find out more  about the part-time Local Fundraiser job, please go to:

Uniquely, our Soft Approach method requires no selling, persuading, guilt tripping on the part of our fundraisers.

Over the past 20 years, we have raised £1,000,000s for the Wildlife Trusts, through securing committed and generous new members paying by direct debit.

Job Opportunities: In essence, the part-time Local Fundraiser jobs we offer, involve you working on your own, and being well-paid to get some walking exercise whilst raising money and profile for your local Wildlife Trust charity. 

NB - Our Local Fundraisers always work on their own.
Mature applicants welcome


We are now actively seeking part-time Local Fundraisers to start work from today onwards, in the following areas:

- Scotland - particularly Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen areas
- Northumberland/Tyneside
- Sheffield and Rotherham
- Lancashire
- Manchester
- North Merseyside
- North Cumbria
- Norfolk

To apply for a Local Fundraiser job, please use this secure link:

To find out more about the Local Fundraiser job, please go to:


What's the pay like?


As well as promoting the wildlife conservation cause in your local area by helping to find new members for your local Wildlife Trust, this job will allow you to earn some additional income. 


Initially, during a 2-week Trial Period, you will work 15 hours per week Monday - Friday evenings, paid at £10 per hour. 

The Trial Period is for you to discover if you enjoy doing this kind of work and for us to discover if you are likely to make a success of it. The hourly rate is paid irrespective of the end result, and should be regarded as a "safety net" so that those who are sceptical about our Soft Approach method can try it without any financial risk.

After a successful 2-week Trial Period, you could earn on average £54 for each Direct Debit membership transaction you secure, so £702 - £1170* per month achievable - on a freelance, commission only/self-employed basis. Commission earned could be more or less than this. The end result is somewhat unpredictable. But there are no targets to meet, and after the Trial Period you have complete flexibility regarding the hours/the days you work.

*based on working around 15 hours a week/with 3-5 direct debit "sign ups" per week.


Full training is given and all materials are suppliedWe require a £40 deposit (fully refundable) on the materials we  supply.

For more information on earnings:

Thank you.


About FMR Solutions


We are a very small company, which has been specialising in Fundraising and Membership Recruitment for wildlife conservation charities since 1995. Apart from the Wildlife Trusts, we have also worked with Woodland Trust and RSPB, recruiting new members using our Soft Approach method.


We use a proven Soft Approach method which involves you walking around the more prosperous parts of your local neighbourhood (and beyond), speaking very briefly to residents, asking a simple yes/no question and leaving information booklets with interested parties. THERE IS NO SELLING INVOLVED. 


This friendly, non-pressurising method is highly effective at promoting awareness of the charity, and gives potential supporters their own time and space to make a considered decision about supporting the charity, and most importantly, the level of their financial commitment.


We have found many thousands of long term committed supporters who have pledged many £millions for wildlife conservation in the UK, at a low overall cost to the charities.


We work in an ethical and caring way, ensuring that our charity clients are always represented in the best possible light.


CHARITIES: Please contact us if the charity you represent would like us to  help you recruit long term committed supporters. Contact Jeremy Leathart here

The Wildlife Trusts

What is it like working on behalf of the Wildlife Trusts?

FMR Solutions is working with, and has Local Fundraiser positions to work on behalf of:


Our Ethos

  • We do not hire manipulative and pushy salespeople
  • We concentrate our training on developing your diligence, relaxation and friendliness

The Soft Approach Method

  • Is soft, simple and informal
  • Empowers potential supporters
  • Relies on the reserve of intelligence, generosity and goodwill of the public
  • Does not require hassling, guilt tripping or "chugging"
  • Deals only with members of the public who already have a general interest in the work of the charity
  • Does not try to “convert” people

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